Friday, February 18, 2011

Prima Fleur Essential Oils: BULGARIAN ROSE

Our supplier in Bulgaria
Rosa damascena (rose) flower oil ~ A visit from the queen of flowers will mend the tender heart. The pure essential oil of rose is a complete bouquet for skin-revitalization, circulation, and toning. If, in the evolution of plants, the first flower is praised as a glorious gift to Earth’s botanical menu, the first rose represents the beginning of the Belle Époque and no doubt, the Bulgarian Rose is the Queen! We gladly offer the precious essential oil, steam-distilled Rosa damascena from Bulgaria, now at a new lower price for spring 2011 [Prima Fleur No. 207]. We also offer the same variety of rose as an absolute [Prima Fleur No. 294].

More about Bulgarian Rose ~ by Jeanne Rose
The Bulgarian oil-bearing Rose was descended from the town of Damascus – this is why it was called Rose “damascene” in the past. According to some sources, it was transferred by the coming of the Turks from Damascus and into the region of Stara Zagora, and later on to the valleys of the Stryama and Tundzha rivers, Karlovo region and to a part of the Kazanluk fields where if has found its finest habitat. The Kazanluk Rose oil and water is appreciated not only here but all around the world.
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