Monday, February 21, 2011

Prima Fleur Essential Oil: BOURBON ROSE

Rosa bourboniana (rose) flower oil, (Rosa gallica x Rosa chinensis): Bourbon Rose [Prima Fleur No. 356] is an absolute from India possessing a warm, sweet, spicy scent that takes its time to unfold and fill the air with its mystical, heady presence. The absolute has distinct olfactory characteristics from Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia – it presents an amber, green and honey note with a rich floral rose heart.

More about Bourbon Rose ~ by Jeanne Rose
Rosa bourboniana absolute is extracted in Southern India in the state of Tamil Nadu. The deciduous shrub is also grown extensively in Rajasthan but its main use is for the production of attar, gulkand and rose water with a small amount of essential oil being produced in that dry desert region. Used in ceremonies and celebrations, petals are showered on the most fortunate honorees.

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