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New Year Resolution: Detoxify!

Massage, Wrap, Soak, and Moisturize with Actives

Following a regimen of periodic detoxification treatments throughout the year is one of the best ways to support health. It is here in the still, dark days of winter when we take time to reflect inwardly, to strengthen the roots of our spirits and shake off the remaining leaves of last year’s body.  As we begin to tackle our New Year missives, this is the time to begin anew, to cleanse and purify body, mind and soul. Prima Fleur offers several products and blends to inspire both the deepest cleansing, and the most luxurious replenishment of all that’s good and pure, for our skin and psyche. [please note: all of our essential oils are for external use only.]

Massage ~ A truly detoxifying massage must include an essential oil blend.

7 Sacred Stirrings ~ Aromatherapy for the Soul
Many believe it is not possible to have a healthy body without a clear and positive mind. Researchers have found numerous links between depression and disease, low productivity levels and poor diet, and strong immune function and meditation. All of these findings point to an undeniable truth: there is inherent interweave between the health of the body and the state of the mind. 
When toxicity builds up internally, it can affect our mental capacity. Scattered thought, cloudy judgment, short attention span and irritability are all common side effects of a body that craves a deep cleanse. There are many ways to detoxify. One common, safe and enjoyable method is through bodywork and aromatherapy. 
The organic Juniper [No. 137] found in this blend is a healing antiseptic, clarifying astringent, a carminative and acts as a diuretic which is an essential step in the detoxification process. As a stimulant, Juniper revs up the “engine,” activating healthy function and fueling a fatigued mind. 
Purify [No. 7004] the third blend of our 7 Sacred Stirrings collection focuses on our third energy center, or solar plexus, which is often associated with our drive (emotional) as well as our digestion (physical). We think of this energy center as our “engine.” As with any complex machine, it’s necessary to keep the engine clean, and Purify is a perfect synergy of essential oils that are proven to cleanse and detoxify internal systems, as well as mental and emotional “congestion.” Featuring Juniper [No. 137], Katrafay [No. 252], Pink Grapefruit [No. 134], and Mandravasarotra [No. 376], Purify may be combined with Rice Bran & Coconut Massage Oil [No. 1099] at .5-1%.
Our 7 Sacred Stirrings is an exclusive collection of essential oil blends created to therapeutically address the whole body, including our mental and emotional responses. Mandravasarotra [No. 376] is medicinal oil that has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Like Eucalyptus [No. 205], it is camphorous and has been used to treat respiratory conditions. Katrafay [No. 252] (Cedrelopsis grevei) from Madagascar has been used for centuries to relieve headache, tension, joint and muscle pain, as well as expedite healing and tissue repair post-partum. Grapefruit is a natural astringent, diuretic, disinfectant and lymphatic stimulant. It is also a known antidepressant, which supports our intention to address both the body and the mind. Lastly, Lemon Myrtle [No. 370] actively combats germs and has been used to treat colds, influenza, allergies, infections, fatigue, IBS, herpes, depression and candida, to name a few. It has the highest citral content of any known plant, which makes it powerful antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral oil. 
As a synergy, Purify is citrus, camphorous and green. When inhaled, the aroma hits the solar plexus or the center of the abdomen directly. This encourages deep, expansive breathing that fills the lungs, opens the sinuses and clears the mind.
Wrap ~ Once relaxed, with circulation stimulated and the mind already turning inward, the body is ready for the intense detoxification of a wrap.
Lymphatic Detoxifying Seaweed Gel for Wraps & Massage [No. 1041]:  This divinely scented mineral-rich gel from the sea is packed with potent herbal extracts. It’s excellent for spa use or at-home treatments. A blend of seaweeds, including Eucheuma, Chondrus and Gigartina, revitalizes all the body’s systems with minerals and provides a moisture vehicle that helps  essential oils and precious extracts to penetrate.  A targeted blend of pure essential oils stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins accumulated from environmental exposure as well as free radicals released by inherent daily stress. 
Katrafay [No. 252], a rare extract used for centuries in Madagascar, aids in detoxifying the body's immune and elimination systems while strengthening and toning skin for increased protection from environmental assault.  Katrafay is traditionally used both internally and topically to restore healthy body tone and eliminate lymphatic sluggishness. Tests conducted by Dr. Albert Klingman at the University of Pennsylvania showed this extract to be non-comedogenic and not considered an irritant for human skin. Tests have shown a significant thickening of the epidermis and stratum corneum, suggesting improved barrier function, a greater ability to retain moisture and increased protection against irritant chemicals. Used to hydrate, soften and nourish the skin, this extract leaves a silky texture and smoother, younger looking skin. 

Soak ~ Salve per aqua 
Ravintsara Le Cure Mineral Bath Salts [No. 1131]: The word, Ravintsara, means “good leaf” in Malagasy.  A treasured essential oil traditionally used in Madagascar to relieve colds, aches from flu, bronchial ailments, headaches, insomnia and more, this powerhouse essential oil combines with organic Ginger [No. 133] and Owyhee [No. 321] in a mineral mix of  Pacific sea salt and skin-softening Epsom salt.  The blend of pure essential oils and potent minerals works to expand the breathing, allowing toxins and tensions to drift away with the steam. 
The word, Ravintsara, as it is commonly called, means “good leaf” in Malagasy.  It is traditionally used to relieve colds and bronchial ailments, headaches, and stomach aches.  In France, studies show it to be a potent anti-viral which aides in the detoxification of the body when suffering from flu, relieving muscle aches and insomnia. Currently identified as Cinnamomum camphora of the Laurel family, it is camphoraceous yet has no significant percentage of camphor. Cineol is present at about 50% to 75%, alpha-terpineol at about 15%.  

Moisturize with Actives
To begin well is to end well. A dose of active ingredients to hydrate, firm, and protect is a most splendid finish for any detox treatment. Our Skin Firming Body Serum [No. 1090] firms and tones the body with a blend of detoxifying Sea Algae that creates moisture within the skin’s structure. For a total anti-age effect, it also includes palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein, described as a vegetable alternative to surgery for its tightening effects. Its anti-inflammatory action also helps to protect skin by keeping toxic organisms and chemicals from infiltrating cells, where they cause irritation and trigger inflammatory reactions within the skin.   

Therapeutic oils of Lemon [No. 195] and Litsea Cubeba [No. 297] add firmness and tone the skin, while luxurious oils of Jasmine [No. 380], Mimosa, and Ylang Ylang [No. 389] create a beautiful light veil of scent on the body.

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