Monday, March 12, 2012

Prima Fleur Essential Oil: OWYHEE

Steam-distilled in Oregon, our Owyhee Essential Oil, Artemisia ludoviciana, [Prima Fleur No. 321] is clear, colorless, non-viscous. It is full of esters (over 85%) and the scent is strongly fruity, with herbal and spicy back-notes like Roman chamomile. Since it contains more esters than Roman chamomile it makes a great substitute that is very fragrant and much more economical than that imported product.

Owyhee hydrosol is very floral and fruity in scent and can be substituted for the water in any skin care product where it will be very beneficial for skin care and where you might want a soothing anti-inflammatory. It can be used in the bath for soothing the skin, as a soothing facial spray, or as a fragrant mister on bed linens for scent and sleep.

With its high ester content, the oil has powerful uses for skin care and in custom body care products as a relaxing inhalant or in fragrant blends for perfume, or in massage oils. It helps heals inflamed skin, and in aromatherapy can help calm the mind.

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