Friday, December 10, 2010

Luscious Ingredients for Winterizing Your Skin and Hair

As autumn turns briskly into winter, we begin the second most skin-challenging season. Next to summer sun, the chill of winter air comes close in terms of skin-damaging conditions. Extreme cold freezes any moisture the outside air might contain and the inside air is often dry from central heat or furnaces. As the relative humidity drops, we find our skin and hair uncomfortably dry, a common winter complaint that spurs us to stock up on heavy creams and conditioners to “winterize” our extremities.

To combat the effects of winter dryness for the face and décolleté, we offer Calendula Hydra-Boost [No. 1217] for serious skin hydration and super anti-oxidant protection. This active-packed crème brings herbal extracts into a new generation. Calendula, a beta-carotene gold mine, provides soothing weather protection to prevent redness and chafing. Certified-organic myrtle extract limits aging induced by oxidative stress by protecting and detoxifying the cells of the dermis and epidermis. Skin functions are reinforced as potent phenolic compounds stimulate natural antioxidant defenses, neutralizing chemically-induced free radicals. Skin's natural ability to retain moisture is boosted to youthful levels.

Another great winterizing product is our Bamboo Lemongrass Body Scrub [No. 1053], a cleansing scrub used to gently slough away calloused or flaky skin on hands, feet, and elbows. The exfoliating ingredients of powdered bamboo (from the hill forests of India) and walnut shell work to remove dulling surface cells, tone, refine texture and improve the vibrancy and suppleness of the skin. Precious essential oils revitalize skin, encouraging new cell production and imparting a light, refreshing scent – and they’re PEG-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. (note: this product is not intended for the more fragile skin of the face and neck.)

With skin buffed and clean, time to try a bold new step in your – or your clients’ - skin nurturing regime. Protect and nourish your body with a luxuriously rich combination of precious, exotic oils: Kendi, rosehip, and raspberry seed. A small amount after bathing provides all-day moisture retention - you may even stop using your everyday lotion! Our Elemi & Rose Body Veil [No. 1130] contains a subtle, sensual perfume blend of elemi from the Philippines and damascena rose from Bulgaria, with compliments of lemon myrtle, jasmine sambac, orris, galbanum; a perfectly dreamy, intoxicating scent.

Olive Leaf Natural Moisturizing Shampoo [No. 1216] gently cleans hair and scalp with an all-natural surfactant combination, avoiding any synthetic silicones. Organic olive leaf extract penetrates scalp to promote healthy hair growth with potent anti-oxidants, while providing a clear, protective barrier to smooth the hair shaft and deliver natural shine. Endive and sugar beet extracts contribute slip, body, and brilliance. Amino acids interact with the hair for moisture, hair strength, and color protection, and work overtime to re-build damaged hair.

Olive Leaf Hair Conditioner [No. 1129] transforms hair, adding super shine and moisture with organic olive leaf extract, a known-free-radical scavenger and photo-protector. Organic pracaxi oil, a natural behenic acid, promotes hair brightness, facilitates wet-comb, and smooths the hair shaft. Wheat protein, amino acids and Chitosan contribute elasticizing properties which protect the hair from breakage and help to restore a healthy, glossy, vibrant texture, even in winter’s most extreme conditions.

Ingredients in bold are certified organic. For information on our Premier Products and pricing, please visit our website. For questions and to explore custom development with exquisite botanicals from our extensive library of raw materials, please contact ~ or call (415) 455-0957.

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