Friday, April 6, 2012

Prima Fleur CO2 Extract & Essential Oil: MELISSA

Our Melissa lemon balm CO2 (Total) from Germany is fresh and very potent! It is useful in many skin products, sleep balms and salves, in solid perfumes, and is also powerfully antiviral. When rubbed on the skin, the crushed leaves of Melissa officinalis are used as a repellent for mosquitos. 

Lemon balm is also used medicinally as an herbal tea, or in extract form. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties (it is effective against herpes simplex), relieves anxiety, and is a mild sedative and calming agent. The leaf tea is effective at reducing stress. The essential oil [Prima Fleur No. 148] and total [Prima Fleur No. 322]can be applied to a cold sore or used in perfume or in spa products and private label skin care items.

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