Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Skin Care for Men: Start with deep cleansing to clarify, exfoliate, and prepare the skin for shaving

Schisandra sphenanthera
A pre-shave oil does more than just help the blade glide across the skin; its lubricating properties will help plump up dead skin cells with moisture, pushing hairs away from the face and leaving them exposed for cutting. With a base of sunflower oil and shea butter, Treatment Oil for Sensitive Skin [No. 1207] immediately penetrates the skin, supporting moisture retention without clogging pores. Schisandra fruit extract reduces overactive cell turnover which can leave the skin dry and inflamed, and protects skin against stress factors. Helichrysum oil stimulates production and protection of new cells to rejuvenate skin. Palmarosa assists in reducing skin inflammation and helps to regulate sebum production. This treatment oil should be massaged into the skin and scalp.
For deep cleansing when time permits, Pomegranate Enzyme Mask [No. 1219] boosts hydration as it gently exfoliates without causing abrasion or inflammation. Enzymes from pomegranate and apple target lifeless cells, revealing newer, smoother skin with youthful vibrancy, depth, and luminosity. In addition to the cell turnover stimulated by exfoliation, an active derived from organic alfalfa encourages cell renewal and improves collagen synthesis to promote elasticity and prevent wrinkles, even for sensitive skin.

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