Thursday, January 2, 2014

Prima Fleur Essential Oils: Corsican ROSEMARY

The French island of Corsica is the primary growing region for our rare Rosmarinus officinalis, var. verbenone [Prima Fleur No. 114]. Clear in color with a strong buttery aroma, softer and richer than other Rosemary oils, it is more chemically balanced, with lower percentages of camphor and cineole. It specifically contains verbenone and bornyl acetate. This oil proves most useful in skin care, as it is generally safe for all skin types and thought to clean out the skin and aid it to rebuild. The least irritating of the Rosemary varieties, it is good for sluggish, sallow, congested skin. For emotional support, it is extraordinarily fortifying, cleansing the mind and uplifting the spirit.

We also offer other varieties of Rosemary essential oil: verbenone [Prima Fleur Nos. 345, 508], cineole [No. 203]. Our California-grown and distilled certified organic Rosemary Hydrosol [Nos. 719 and 729] are perfect for mid-life phyto-tonics as well as sluggish, congested skin and teen-problematic skin conditions.  

For information on our essential oils and pricing, please visit our website. For questions and to explore custom development with exquisite botanicals from our extensive library of raw materials, please contact ~ or call (415) 455-0957.

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