Friday, April 26, 2013

Prima Fleur Essential Oil: CALENDULA CO2

Calendula CO2 Extract [Prima Fleur No. 502], Calendula officinalis marigold flower extract is supercritical carbon extracted from flowers organically grown in Germany. It is used in in both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for treatment of dry and sensitive skin as well as for burns, bruises and irritations. It contains 17-25% faradiol esters which have significant anti-inflammatory effects. It also contains carotenes evidenced by its amazing golden-orange color. It is enjoyed by perfumers for its rich, sweet, warm, and somewhat floral scent that is exquisite in salves and healing balms. When heated slightly in a Bain Marie (water bath) it easily blends into other essential oils. It may be added to vegetable oils directly by first warming and stirring the calendula with a small amount of the vegetable oil before mixing into the entire batch. Because of the intense color, a conservative dosage of 0,1 - 0,3 % is recommended. Experience calendula CO2 blended with neroli, palmarosa, rose, and Australian sandalwood in our Calendula Hydra Boost Face Lotion [No. 1217].

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