Friday, February 1, 2013

Prima Fleur Essential Oil: PATCHOULI

Sourced from Sumatra, the scent of Prima Fleur Patchouli Essential Oil [No. 173] is said to help relieve depression and anxiety. The oil has diuretic properties and helps diminish the appearance of cellulite, strengthening the supporting cellular network of the skin. By stimulating the regeneration of skin cells, it is useful to speed up healing and prevent ugly scars from forming when wounds heal.

Patchouli essential oil could be added to Prima Fleur Premier Products like our unscented Nourishing Body Emulsion [No. 1001], Shea Butter Body Lotion [No. 1061], and our Cleansing & Softening Bath Soak Powder [No. 1103], among many others!

For information on our Premier Products and pricing, please visit our website. For questions and to explore custom development with exquisite botanicals from our extensive library of raw materials, please contact or call (415) 455-0957.

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