Monday, May 21, 2012

Prima Fleur Premier Products: ALOE & CUCUMBER FACE BALM

Aloe & Cucumber Face Balm [Prima Fleur No. 1137] is an ideal after shave for all skin types and protects skin from common challenges such as razor burn and acne breakouts. Because it also contains ingredients that smooth and hydrate skin cells, it's an excellent twice-daily serum or light moisturizer. Vitamin A from carrot seed oil and omega 3 fatty acids from rare Indonesian kendi oil deliver powerful skin nutrition. Candida saitoana extract stimulates the cell detoxification process, and helps smooth the surface of the skin. Tests indicate it significantly reduces the level of oxidized proteins and peroxidized lipids.α and β-pinene
n for the respiratory system for both people and pets as well as for SAD. It is antiseptic and soothing for the respiratory tract. Sedative, used EXT. for gout and rheumatism, taken int. for bladder inflammation (with Sandalwood) and as a general tonic. Components are α and β-pinene. Grown and SD in Korea.

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