Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prima Fleur Essential Oil: MASSOIA BARK

What smells like coconut, comes from a tree bark in Indonesia, is CO2 extracted? Cryptocarya massoy - Massoia bark oil - is used in the flavor industry as an additive in butter and milk flavors The Massoia lactones are rare essential oil components and have only been found in a few other plants. Prima Fleur's Massoia Bark Oil [No. 251] makes an interesting addition in small amounts to blends and perfumes.
The massoia tree, C. massoia, is a species endemic to the island of New Guinea. It is a medium-sized tree with optimal growth in rainforests between 400 and 1000 meters in altitude. The aromatic bark from the tree has been an article of commerce for centuries. Massoia bark has a sweet, coconut-like aroma, and is steam-distilled to yield massoia bark oil. The bark is obtained by cutting the tree at the base, making circular incisions at one meter intervals, lifting the bark off and allowing it to dry.

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