Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prima Fleur Essential Oil: VANILLA, TOTAL

Vanilla comes from Mexico but is grown extensively in the tropics, most noticeable in Madagascar. Our Vanilla, Total [no. 507] is food-grade cultivated CO2 from Madagascar. Use it in perfumes, luscious skin care, aromatherapy blends - wherever you want that sweet childhood scent, care and love. We also have the absolute.
Vanilla planifolia is the only orchid being grown as a domestic plant. The long, slender fruits ('beans' or 'pods') are harvested before they ripen, but the powerful vanilla flavor only develops after a several months of special curing. The beans are spread in the sun in the morning, then covered and kept enclosed during the night. After a while, the green beans turn brown and the glycosidically bound vanillin is slowly liberated. It is understandable why vanilla is so expensive. The small, black ‘pricks’ in the desert are the seeds, which shows that true vanilla has been used. White fluffs on the surface of the vanilla pods are pure crystallized vanillin (not mold or insecticide), and a sign of high quality. 

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