Monday, April 11, 2011

Global View - Jakarta, Indonesia

We're sharing here an email from one of our suppliers who is building a new facility in Jakarta for harvesting and distilling Cinnamon. We are committed to supporting our global suppliers as they work toward creating sustainable communities around the world. 

"Ten years ago, when we established ourselves in Jakarta, we chose to work in an industrial area in the city center. For those of you who have visited Jakarta recently, experiencing the heavy traffic, we understand that it's time for us to move away from the capital. We have fortunately found a very nice plot of land, 40km from the city in a Japanese-owned industrial park.

Last week we had the official ground breaking ceremony, and our Jakarta mapKorean contractor is estimating that the factory will be done by June. The configuration of this new facility will allow us to increase productivity, provide a better guarantee of food, safety, and security, while working in better conditions.

So, to sum things up:  a French-owned company, operating in Indonesia, using a Korean contractor, in a Japanese industrial park. Can't be more international than that." - Francois Bernard

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